Therapy for Students

Having spent a significant part of my adult life as a student, I realise how stressful this time can be. Being away from home, struggling financially, and battling uncertainties about the future can be extremely challenging. These stresses can lead to burnout, anxiety, depression, or simply a feeling that life is harder than it needs to be. Being a student, especially in a highly demanding institution, is a big investment of your mental — and physical — resources. It’s important to not be alone on this journey and have as much support as possible.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or you think that having additional resources could help you be more successful in your study (and happier with your life in general), I can help, by giving you tools to cope with the pressures of student life.

Student discount

I offer a 30% discount to students on presentation of a valid student ID. After our inital consultation call, please send me proof that you’re a student (such as a photo of your student card) and I’ll email you a discount code that you can use when booking your therapy sessions.

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